Re: Mike Simsons Display Launcher

Paul Gulliver

Hi Derek,
The screen shot looks perfectly ok to me, that is the default setting for the new installation, re-open that window and navigate back up to C:  and then to the QSO sub-folder within the Multipsk folder. Click confirm to close the window and hopefully save the setting. You can confirm the setting by clicking Options:show path  the path saved should be to the QSO sub folder as shown in the clip I posted yesterday
The actual location of Display launcher is not important providing it's not the the Program Files folder 

You should then be set to go - fingers crossed


On 16/11/2019 at 13:08, Derek Henderson via Groups.Io <derekhenderson1953@...> wrote:
Hi Mike enclosed attachment Mike when I downloaded DL back onto the pc for some reason it ended up in C:\ tools I have MPSK installed in C:\ and so should 
DL be installed in C:\  I have tried several uninstalls and re installs It downloads it extracts to were I say C:\ but when I look in C:\ it does not appear 
Every thing seems to run as it should But as you can see its not as it should be Any ideas ???? Maybe a gremlin in the laptop

Derek Henderson

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