Re: Mike Simsons Display Launcher

Paul Gulliver


Assuming the data is being decoded/displayed in Multipsk OK,  have you set the program (MPSK) to do regular backups of the QSO, they should be set for either 30 seconds or 1 minute (in the main decoding window, click on the QSO button near to the top of the window)
It may be just the way you worded your message, but select the Multipsk paths in Display Launcher before pressing the start button in DL


On 15/11/2019 at 16:14, Derek Henderson via Groups.Io <derekhenderson1953@...> wrote:
Hi Paul have tried to contact Mike to no avail OK  MPSK is running fine Port 3125 all correct boxes checked When I run DL I click connect turns green connected
in DL options I select MPSK/QSO #1 and confirm But now after selecting MPSK/QSO#1 I will get a list eg C:  GMDSS  DATA LOGS etc and nothing in DL 

Its these log paths I have trouble with getting my head round 
any ideas

RGDS Derek

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