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Paul Gulliver

This might help with some modes, I have great difficulty in identifying modes so if anyone else has any good ideas, please pass them on :-)


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We need someone with patience - play as many digital audio files to Siri and see if it is possible to  build up a  siri database- wonder how accurate Siri would be - Semi AI .

Worth a try .





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There is no function to identify digital modes. It would be extremely complex, impossible to create by amateurs. I don't think that even by professionals can propose such function.


However, there are tools to identify modes, as RS ID for example, but only useful if the sender includes the RS ID in its message, which is not always the case and never the case for common modes as RTTY or BPSK31...


However, after some habit, listening the transmission and looking the waterfall permits to determine which mode or what type of mode (FSK, PSK...) is used.






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I have problems with my program, I do not get the function that identifies digital modes. Is there a side island video ID? Anyone who can explain what to do?

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