Re: Query- Using Multipsk+Display launcher for HFDL

Paul Gulliver

An update:

Thanks to Dicks help the frequency database issue has been solved, however despite deleting my old copy of Display Launcher and installing the latest version as a new install I'm still getting the error messages when I start the HFDL-Display section.
The form number is different, now reads "Form Load-10" and now occurs 9 times before the program will load - once loaded the program work fine.
This error does not occur when loading other sections such as the ACARS-VDL2 module



On 10/10/2019 at 19:54, Paul Gulliver via Groups.Io <paulg1953@...> wrote:
My setup is SDR Console feeding Multipsk via VAC to decode HFDL and the feed into Display Launcher (March 2019 version)

I've only just started decoding HFDL and I have a query connected with Display Launcher (Hope you read this Mike)

First, when I start HFDL-Display section I get an error message "An error - subscript out of range occurred in the sub routine Form load a-12"  --   I get this error about 4 times, eventually the program opens and it all work ok.
These error messages only occur opening the HFDL section, I can I use the VDL2 section without problems

The second query, after leaving it decoding for an hour or so if I check "Database/show frequencies in use" it's empty - Isn't it suppose to auto populate from the data received?



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