Query- Using Multipsk+Display launcher for HFDL

Paul Gulliver

My setup is SDR Console feeding Multipsk via VAC to decode HFDL and the feed into Display Launcher (March 2019 version)

I've only just started decoding HFDL and I have a query connected with Display Launcher (Hope you read this Mike)

First, when I start HFDL-Display section I get an error message "An error - subscript out of range occurred in the sub routine Form load a-12"  --   I get this error about 4 times, eventually the program opens and it all work ok.
These error messages only occur opening the HFDL section, I can I use the VDL2 section without problems

The second query, after leaving it decoding for an hour or so if I check "Database/show frequencies in use" it's empty - Isn't it suppose to auto populate from the data received?



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