Re: INMARSAT C-Band Channels

Paul Gulliver

Hi Fred,

Before discussing the dish I should say, as I understand, there is quite a difference in output power between the series 3 and series 4 Inmarsat satellites.

I receive C band data from 3F5 and I can just get away with a 1.1 meter dia dish - mine is a generic type bought from ebay for a few UK pounds, however if I was starting again I would go for something a bit larger, say 1.4m dia.

From past discussions on another group (Plane Plotter) I understand that for the series 4 satellites you should be thinking of a 1.8m dia dish as minimum

Another point to consider, the satellites, although geostationary, have a "wobble" which means the elevation varies over a 24 hour period, for me in the UK 3F5 varies between 11deg and 18 deg elevation so the dish has to be aligned 3 or 4 time per day for maximum signal (azimuth also varies but doesn't seem quite so critical) - reference to the satellite tracking program within Multipsk will give you the elevation details for your location.

Hope this helps :)



On 09/09/2019 at 16:16, Fred Albertson <albertso@...> wrote:
Hello Paul,

As I mentioned a while ago, I am going to try C-Band AERO.
I finally have my LNA, and I am ready to push on.  I really
appreciate the data you and Patrick have supplied up to this point.

I looked at your dish layout and it looks nice.  Could you give
me the manufacturer's data for the dish, or a source.



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