Re: Satellite Frequencies

Paul Gulliver

I think this also applies to FM47 and FM117

I've just received my first Orbcomm data and all the tracking sites (Multipsk and web based sites) all showed FM117 nearby, but the packets I received showed FM47

Minor frame synchronisation -> Spacecraft Identifier: FM47 / Downlink channel number: 184 (137.4600 MHz) / Minor frame counter-Flag: 6-0

Packet 19 -> "7866DF7F491AE0A300"

Very confusing for the beginner :)


On 27/08/2019 at 13:47, David Stark <davidthomasstark@...> wrote:
FM28 and FM118 are the same satellite.

FM116 and FM46 are the same satellite.

The lower number is transmitted by the satellite, while MultiPSK shows the higher number on the tracking map.

-Dave, NF2G

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