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Paul Gulliver

Ok, thanks for the replies, looks as though there may be a problem with my antenna. Some investigation is required.


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I have been using a V3 RTL-SDR with a Commet 2meter/440 mhz antenna and works great



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Hi Paul,

I use a discone (50-1000MHz) and have no problems with the
Orbcomm birds.  I am at FM08oo, in central Virginia, USA.
I occasionally use a broadband LNA, but all that really does
is extend the distance out a bit.

The "new" satellites, orbital elements 103-119, I can
usually pick up more than 1500 miles out.  The older ones
come in at about 500 miles or so.

My better receiver is an RSP2-Duo, but I do almost as well
with an SDR R820T. MultiPSK does a great job automatically
following the birds when using the "Satellites" function.


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