Multipsk QSO file


Hello, everyone,

I have a question about the QSO files of Multipsk and Display Launcher. For example, I use Display Launcher in VDL2 mode, the software reads the QSO file in the Multipsk QSO directory, recording all flights, and that's fine.
Now I change mode and I want to listen in GMDSS, close both software (Multipsk and Display Launcher), reopen them, select GMDSS mode in Multipsk, and GMDSS Display mode in Display Launcher. In Display Launcher I select the path of the QSO file of Multipsk, but this QSO file has already recorded inside the listens made in VDL2 and adds me also those in GMDSS. How does Dislpay Launcher software report only GMDSS traffic? Shouldn't the Multipsk software create a new QSO file for each listening mode during the day?
For example if I listen today in RTTY, VDL2,HFDL and GMDSS, all the listening will be added in one QSO file. Is this correct?

Good day everyone

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