Re: EGC decoding improvement - Multipsk test version 6

Paul Gulliver

Hi Patrick.

I've been running test ver 6 for a few hours on 4A-F4 and all seems fine, no unknown messages.
One question, if I press the "urgencies with positions" button the map opens ok, up but within that map window if I press the Goggle Earth button nothing happens - I do have GE installed on the computer. Does GE only open if there is a position to display or should it open regardless?



On 14/06/2019 at 21:14, Patrick Lindecker <f6cte@...> wrote:

Hello to all,


Here is the Multipsk test version 6 which improves EGC decoding :


Paste this address in your Internet Explorer or equivalent. Download the file.
First, make a copy of the your Multipsk folder, in case of…

Extract the Multipsk.exe file (+ manual files + files for interfaces) and replace the “official” Multipsk.exe (+ manual files) with these test version files.


This test version decodes BD/BE messages and reassembles them (apparently always in messages packets B1 or B2). All the unknown messages EGC are decoded except the “85” one which remains a mystery.


I added a packet selection “Urgencies with position” but I did not decode Urgencies messages so I have not been able to test this function: display of the urgencies messages with indication of the position on the world map (with a red dash). So thanks for reports about this function.


I added, for information, the number of the decoded frame (there is a new one each 8.64 s).


The EGC frequencies are:

4-F3 EGC 1537.7000

3-F5 EGC 1541.4500 

4-F1 EGC 1541.4500

4A-F4 EGC 1537.1000 






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