Re: Multipsk vs Display Launcher


Hi Maurizio, the Multipsk settings are those indicated in the Display Launcher Help and are:

1) For Multipsk: set the GMDSS/ATIS mode, the frequency is one of those indicated in the context help of Multipsk, and then set the backup time by going to "QSO -> Regular Backup -> and putting 20 seconds through the buttons with the arrow symbol. Then press the Return button and return to the RX-TX screen. Put the listening frequency in the upper left box otherwise the QSO file is a wrong report, do not activate the zero button crossed out in the lower left, AGC and AFC I leave them active and at this point you should be able to decode the various messages of the ships. Now start Display Launcher.

2) In Display Launcher select GMDSS Display mode, when you start the screen where there will be then the grid where the listens will be reported, press the Options button and select the path to the QSO file of Mutipsk, confirm it and you will return again to the screen where there is the grid. Now press the Start button of Display Launcher and you should see the various messages received from the Multipsk appear.

73's Mario

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