Multipsk vs Display Launcher


Hello, everyone,
I am an Italian SWL (IZ1067SWL) and always follow with great interest the discussions of this group. I wanted to report an anomaly between the Display Launcher software and the Multipsk software: if in the Multipsk reports (QSO file) the number 0 is set as crossed out (Ø) the Display Launcher software does not read the QSO file of Mutipsk, and does not even update in real time. Maybe it was already reported, but I couldn't find it. I hope I've been useful.

P.S. sorry if my English translation is imprecise, but I know little about English and have translated everything with an online translator.

My equipment:

S.O. Windows 7 64 bit
Radio: ICOM IC-R8600
Antenna: Wellbrook ALA1530 S+
Software used: Multipsak vers.4.39 and Display Launcher European version

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