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Hi Maurizio,
Looking at the screen shot you attached line 2 looks wrong to me. If you have multiple copies of MultiPSK running then each line in the log path should point to the correct QSO folder
For expample:


Unless you have a log file in the Display launcher folder I think line 2 should be deleted

This is the way I have my system set up when receiving VDL2 messages via MultiPSK


On 09/06/2019 at 17:59, Operarore1426 <operatore1426@...> wrote:
Hi Mike,  I've tried but Display Launcher doesn't work
You could tell me what is set up the path (s) in my MultiPSK Log folders in the options menu?
I attach my set up path, is that correct?

Regard, Maurizio
Rome Coast, Italy

Il giorno ven 7 giu 2019 alle ore 01:06 MadMike <virtualtrains@...> ha scritto:
Hi Maurizio,

The only way that Display Launcher gets data from MultiPSK in the latest version is via the MultiPSK QSO files.
In MultiPSK, click on the QSO button and click 'Regular back-up' in the bottom left corner and set the time there to 20 sec
In your Display Launcher module make sure you have correctly set up the path(s) to your MultiPSK\Log folders in the options menu.
Then your Display Launcher will read the appropriate data from MultiPSK.

I have not recently used this with direct connection from my RSP2 to MultiPSK, normally I connect my RSP2 via SDRuno to MultiPSK to read the data

Regards, Mike Simpson
South Penrith, NSW, Australia

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