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Alan Gale

At 17:15 20/04/2019, you wrote:

Hi Terry,

No need for two PCs, if you enable 'Stereo Mix' in your sound card settings and use that
in your decoding programmes as well, you can then decode straight from the webSDR's own stream.

An alternative method is to buy one of the cheapo USB sound cards that are available on
eBay (some smaller ones look just like memory sticks), and these allow you to plug it
into a spare USB port. These have an audio input and output and you can feed the output
from your current socket to the input of that one as well.


Hi all members,its Terry in West Yorkshire, sorry for the long absence, i have now got settled into my sheltered accomodation which is very nice indeed BUT i arent allowed to have aerials erected so all i have is online streaming which is ok but not like real radio.
I have a question which may be daft but i dont know, as follows there is plenty of Data whilst streaming which at present i am unable to decode, is it possible to receive the data from streaming on one pc and decode it using a second pc the main system i am using for rxing has both input and output audio sockets, my second system is a laptop but this only has a headphone socket ----------- if i used the laptop for streaming and feeding the audio to the input of the desktop anyone know if it would work please ????.

Sorry for the Daft question but simply put well i dont know the answer BUT as my now pathetic brain tells me yes it would be fine,any advice would be more than welcome thank you all in advance and hope wherever you are hope all is well with you and yours
Good to be back.

Regards and 73


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