Re: Display-Launcher - for MultiPSK

Paul Gulliver

On 28/03/2019 at 08:51, MadMike <virtualtrains@...> wrote:

I have no idea what CPDLC/DCL is :-)

CPDLC= "Controller Pilot data Link Communications" and the term can be found in VHF, L band and C band aero data links

This is a vdl2 message as stated received on frequency 136.975:

[#5 (F:136.975 P:+07.1) 27/03/2019 08:33:27.900 --------------------------------
Command from Aircraft:4B18FE (airborne) to GroundD:10988A
Frame-I: Ns:1 Nr:1
Aircraft reg: HB-JMC Flight id: LX053T
Mode: 2 Msg. label: BA
Block id: 3 Ack: !
Msg. no: J93A
Message :
FANS-1/A CPDLC Message:
 CPDLC Downlink Message:
   Msg ID: 1
   Msg Ref: 4
   Timestamp: 08:33:23
  Message data:



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