Re: VDL2 and Multipsk without direct SDR control

Paul Gulliver

I might be missing something, but isn't this the method described in the MultiPsk help file, in fact it's the only way of being able to receive all the VDL2 frequencies at the same time.
I use SDR Console with 4 receivers, each with a separate vac link to 4* Multipsk - I then use Display launcher to consolidate the separate outputs to one set of data.


On 21/03/2019 at 21:19, Jeremy Church <jem_church@...> wrote:
This is some brief instructions on how to get VDL2 decodes working without direct control of the sdr. The tutorials I have found instruct you to let Multipsk take control of a local dongle, which I can't do, as mine are remote running from a rtl_tcp server. Anyway, this show that VDL2 can be decoded from an audio stream. describes decoding VDL2 from the audio output of an analog radio, which made me realize it should be possible from the audio output from SDR# / your preferred SDR program.
It says two important things and describes how to do it :
1: Set a 25KHz bandwidth and USB. SDR# needs a config file edited to do this, see the link above.
2. Tune to 12.5KHz below the published VDL2 frequency. There may be some frequency fine tuning required to maximize the decodes ...
For me, it just worked.
Good luck !

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