Re: Nooelec bare bottom LNAs faulty connection

Paul Gulliver

The connector marked "Input" goes to the antenna, the connector marked "Output" goes to your dongle/receiver - the DC power feed is also on the "Output" side. When the DC feed is connected a small green led (next to the output connector) should light indicating power is reaching the LNA.
If you connected them incorrectly you have applied DC power to the input of the LNA, this may have damaged them.
I don't know how the Airspy bias tee works but on a V3 dongle the bias tee has to be switched on (or off) when any software is not using the dongle (ie close the software before switching the bias tee)
Sorry, can't help in repairing them, I suspect if they are damaged them throw them away - but test them first with the correct connections :)


On 03/03/2019 at 17:18, Roland Fechter <fly-fechter@...> wrote:
I got a couple of new Nooelec LNA for inmarsat-Outernet. (bare bottom version)
My problem is:
Each of them shows the mark "Input" and opposite side  the mark"Output".
Could you please tell me if the outlet marked "Input" serves for connection with my antenna
while the other side marked "output" serves for connection with my RX - dongle.
Probably I chose the wrong side in my haste as most of  my LNAs do not work properly.
Does using the wrong side cause a short circuit in the LNAs ruining their function ?
Even with my Aispy most of them do not work correctly - apparently despite clicking the Airspy  Bias Tee function my SDRsharp does not show
any signals above the noise level !
So please tell me how to Correctly connect these Nooelec LNAs - perhaps my remaining untested one could be still of use to me ?
Assuming that most of theme have been hit by short circuit due to incorrect connection by me could these be brought back to life somehow ?
Thanks in advance for your most valuable advice.

These dong

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