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Patrick Lindecker

Hello Mauro,


Is your PC a 64 bits or a 32 bits (I have never tried in a 64 bits PC and it can be the reason of the problem, so a Multipsk problem)? Perhaps there are users having a feedback about Multipsk using RTL/SDR on a 64 bits PC?


You must have an error number on the bottom of the Configuration screen. Which is it?


About DLL. You could possibly use the last official dll, but I’m almost sure that it will not change anything (first make a backup of the Multipsk dll):

·  Download the official RTL-SDR Windows release from

·  Copy the libusb-1.0.dll, rtlsdr.dll and pthreadVC2-w32.dll files from the official RTL-SDR Windows release zip file to your Multipsk folder.






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Hi all
I am also experiencing similar problem with RTL-SDR on a new computer with WIN10 . I have installed Multipsk 4.38 outside "Program" directory and it in general  works fine, it also accepts "Direct input" from a Funcube dongle.

I also spent some time to get the RTL dongle working with SDRSHARP (Zadig etc,) but now it works fine. So actual situation is:


When I try to set "DIrect input" from RTL I get an error window saying "problem on a rtl dll" and then lists rtlsdr, libusb-1.0 and msvcr100.  I just tried to replace above dll's with the ones currently working in SDRSHARP but no success.

Any suggestion on thingsd to check?  Thanks. Mauro

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