Re: New VDL2 Ground Stations With Details (655 entries)


Hi Dick,

There would appear to be some problems with Australian VDL2 addresses as shown in that list:-

The following are correct when decoded from the SITA address codes:-
2138B7    BRISBANE
2138B8    BRISBANE
269597    MELBOURNE
29E497    SYDNEY
29E498    SYDNEY

The ARINC codes I hear here near Sydney (but I live too far from YSSY to receive uplinks)
10A15A    SYDNEY (assumed due to the volume of messages, over 1000 per 12 hour session)
10AD5A)                Unknown, probably MEL/BNE if there are any users here who live near Mel or Bne who copy uplinks can they check these?

Regards, Mike Simpson
South Penrith, NSW, Australia

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