Re: ic-7300 and Multipsk


I use COMMANDER to cause multi-psk to key the radio. One other thing on the ic-7300 is I run the RTsystems WCS 7300-USB Windows cloning system with software and USB CABLE for the ICOM IC-7300. 
This program handles ports etc. easy!
This also works auto logging programs
Etc with respect to the ic-7300.
I’m not a a sophisticated operator but this works. Good luck. By the way I’ve been running MULTIPSK since 2011 when a ham friend put me onto the program.
73.  Good luck

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Hello everyone. Is there anyone in here who has actually got multipsk to work with their ic-7300. I have tried many different ways to get this to work and I find myself out of luck. I currently run Ham Radio Deluxe for FT8  and JS8Call with no problems, but I am getting no where with multipsk. I can receive fine, all modes, however the real problem is transmitting. The radio will not "key" up using multipsk at all. Need any ideas I can get. thanks.

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