Re: INMARSAT C-Band Channels

Chris van Lint

Hi Paul,

Are you sure you are decoding signals from Inmarst 4F1?  I am decoding 4F1, which is located over central Papua New Guinea and I would have thought the foot print is well beyond your geographical location.  With regards to mitigating the effects of satellite movement, it might be worth considering other means of maintaining the maximum signal possible, in circumstances were we have little or no control over dish movement.  Such measures include using low loss coax, minimising coax cable length and using quality connectors properly fitted.



At 07:18 PM 2/02/2019, you wrote:
Hi Fred,
First, thanks for the Inmarsat frequency list, very interesting, regarding AOR-E the list corresponds with my list very well :)
My location is Southern UK and I receive C band from AOR-E (3F5) and L band from Alphasat (4F1) although on occasions I turn my helix around and get L band from AOR-E.

Regarding reception of C band, you should be able to get good usable data from AOR-E using a 1.2m dish whilst Inmarsat are still using a series 3 satellite - the series 4 seems to have much lower power transponders and require a 1.8m or greater dish.
Here in the UK I'm using a 1.1m offset dish for AOR-E and getting good data and feeding Plane Plotter with the data.

My C-Band data displayed on VRS
My dish setup



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