Re: INMARSAT C-Band Channels

Paul Gulliver


HaHa, a 8 acre field, well you should be able to manage a 10m motorised dish on that - Seriously with the satellites at 40-50 deg elevation you should be ok with a 1.2m dish, at my location AOR-E varies between 11 and 17degrees

The LNB you suggest is a good one, it's the LNB recommended by the Plane Plotter group.

Are you a member of the Plane Plotter group (PP), if not I suggest you join, plenty of advice on setting up C-band and you could join the rest of us in feeding PP and plot aircraft as they go across the oceans (new feeders are alway very welcome)



On 02/02/2019 at 16:15, Fred Albertson <albertso@...> wrote:
Hi, All,

Thanks Paul and the rest of you for your comments on L-Band,
and your prompting me to try C-Band.  I'll get there.  And, yes,
Patrick, I have a "garden."  It is an 8 acre hay field and my look
angle to most of the satellites in question is between 40 and 50
degrees elevation. A good spot.

I'm planning on using a Titanium C-Band LNBF C1W-PLL LNB. 
Any comments?



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