Re: #aero Jaero too low signal strength #aero

Roland Fechter

Thank you for your continued kind advice, Paul !

The EbNo of my Jaero stays at best at -4dB having gone through  a great variety  of frequences and bauds.

I see  from your kind snaps that you are fortunate enough to get up to 15dB. If I remember correctly usable decoding via Jaero starts at about 10dB.

I also told my firewalls not to block Jaero and SDRsharp. I also move my Yagi sideways and up and downwords - no effect to see - 4dB maximum stays with me !!

I am now at a complete loss of finding any explanation and means of EVER reaching at least 10dBs - perhaps important - I use Windows 10 64bit.

Could you please look at this and tell me your findings-advice, please ?



Am 14.01.2019 um 18:54 schrieb Paul Gulliver via Groups.Io:

Hi Roland,
Just to try and help a bit more I've attached a couple of screenshots of how your SDR# and Jaero should be looking - in this case I'm decoding a 600bps signal. 
The SDR# settings are USB with a 5KHz bandwidth.
If you notice the third spike from the left is wider than the others, this is a 1200bps signal

Hope this helps a bit



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