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Roland Fechter

Thanks for your reply, Paul !

Yes, I DO use a virtual cable from my sdrsharp to Jaero. I never get all three green lights in Jaero - at most only volume, very rarely shortly signal and never data !

Never all 3 lights together !  I do try different frequs and speeds following the information you and other members kindly offer to me - only once I got a EBNo of 9-10 -

mostly far below and even then no decoding !  I am going to change my set-up linking my dongle next to my LNA and then feeding currency from my notebook to my dongle via a 20m long active USB cable. Maybe THIS is the solution to my problem !?

Thanks once again for your kind interest in my non-ending ? saga !!!




Am 14.01.2019 um 17:05 schrieb Paul Gulliver:


Aeroamble is for voice messages only - it will not effect the decoding of standard L band or C band aero messages - I get the same error message but still manage to decode OK

Ignore the error message and check the following:
Are you using a virtual audio cable to pass to pass the audio from your receiver to Jaero? The standard soundcard/speaker line is not suitable
Are you getting all three green lights in Jaero? (Volume,signal and data)
Have you selected the correct speed for the signal you're receiving?


On 14/01/2019 at 15:45, Roland Fechter <fly-fechter@...> wrote:

However Jaero refuses to decode these, saying "cant find or load the libraries necessary for aeroambe".

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