Re: Reception of C band - Problem #aero

Paul Gulliver

Hi Patrick,
 I've been receiving 3F5 all day so I can confirm there is no problem with the satellite.
Have you tried reversing the polarity, applying 12 volts instead of 18. I notice if the dielectric is in the wrong slots within the lnb this has the same effect as changing the voltage. Ie reversing the polarity. 
 I can't think of anything else that could cause the problem as you have the dish aligned correctly.
What time of day did you try? I always find the strongest signal is when the satellite is above the equator, at the moment between 06.00 and 12.00 gmt 



On Wed, 26 Dec 2018, 17:05 Patrick Lindecker <f6cte@... wrote:

Hello to all,


Today, I tried to receive C band from 3F5, with a 1.1 m diameter dish, applying the diagram (for a possible “Easy” document), below.

I received absolutely no signal on the expected C band frequencies (tested with SDR# and Multipsk). I checked that I could receive L band signals from this satellite (with the same RTL/SDR receiver, a LNA and a patch antenna) and this works well.

I checked the voltage on the LNBF which was correct (about 18 V but it’s true that I did not checked the quality of the filtering). If you have ideas of possible causes of problem, don’t hesitate.


Note: when I switched on the LNBF with the 18 V, the level on the SDR# waterfall increases of about 10 dB (which is reassuring).






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