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Roland Fechter

Thank you very much, Chris !

Despite its outrageous price I have just ordered with UKW Berichte the Bias-T you show and apparently use.

As I am void even of basic technical knowledge re these gadgets I will leave my current Bias T supplying 12V only untouched.

Taking for granted that the  Titanium C1W PLL wide band  will function vertically plus horizontally  with this UKW Berichte Bias I I just ordered I still face

the problem of getting a link with some Inmarsat satellites ie. pointing my miserable 80cm dish towards Inmarsat. Apparently data from Alphasat at 24.8E

can be received at my location in central Germany but I am perfectly aware that a 80cm dish will show data at only a very few "odd" frequencies.

I will use these only as a pointing aid for my 80cm dish. Once I have the certainty of indeed linking with Alphasat I will replace my 80cm dish by a 1m

dish or bigger. Limited space allows me install a dish of up to around 1.10m.

I would be most obliged for your continued help re the "right" frequency/ies  as part of my Christmas gifts !.

I look forward to your continued support.



Am 24.12.2018 um 03:19 schrieb Chris van Lint:

Hello Roland,

The speci state that the correct voltage for LHCP is 16-20V  This meand that 16V should be OK.   To be on the safe side I operate mine at 18V.  If I remember well the current consumption is around 180mA.

As Patrick mentioned a bias-tee delivering 4-12V is not usable as you need a minimum of 12V.  Unless your bias-tee is a box which plugs into the main power supply, you might be able to modify it to supply 18V.  Usually the bias-tee (

Bias-T Fernspeiseweiche) has an input socket for the operating voltage.  This voltage is then supplied at the "hot" end of the bias-tee.

If you supply 18-20V DC at the BNC connector "DC point" in the above image, you will get 18-20V at the output N connector marked "RF DC" which goes to the LNB.  The other N connector contains the DC block capacitor and goes to the SDR .

Can you open up the bias-tee you have.  If yes it might be a simple matter to convert it to 16-18V.  Why don't you post an image for us to have a look at?

Don't worry about the 15m cable length.  The Zinwell LNB has sufficient gain to cope with that.  You will also have to think about connectors.  The LNB takes a male "F" connector.  The receiver connector will depend on the type.  Most TCXO SDR-RTL devices have a female SMA connector and you may need a conversion piece to connect your LNB cable.


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