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Roland Fechter

Best wishes and season`s greetings to you all - thanks again for your support you kindly lent me so far !
As I last resort to my seemingly ever-lasting problems re setting up for AERO data I plan to use a 80cm dish
 with itsTitanium C1w PLL wide band LNBF with its CS1 scalar ring. I also found a functioning Bias Tee 5V - 12V 200ma  50-2500 MHz-
will this do to power sufficiently my C1W ? May I stress that my coax cable is abt. 15m long - I will replace it with a low-loss Aircell 5 .
My aim is to receive Aero C-band transmissions on 3F5 or 4F1. 1200 baud and/0r 10500 baud.
I am near Erlangen Germany and I do not know yet which of these 2 satellites are best suited for me. I have to find out once
I manage to get Aero data here.
I also have this Nooelec Sawband LNA and of course my collection of Dongles, starting with my Funcube.
I am note sure if the Nooelec Sawband will be of any use here.
I am ready to replace my current 80cm dish by a 1 m to 1.20m one if need be.
I wonder if there are some German members located in central or southern Germany using a similar set-up  and ready to
share with me their experience ?
Hopefully a mobile phone base station greeting me at some 150m distance will not hinder my current plan ?
I have heard that these stations do produce nasty interferences also between 1000 and 2000 MHz.
I look forward to the pleasure of your replies.


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