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Roland Fechter

I understand that the data I would like to receive is Inmarsat C data (data communication).
As I am here more or less in the center of Germany this data is provided currently by AOR-E at 15.5W.
As I have found out to my dismay my balcony garnished with an array of sat dishes does not offer me a free view of this satellite - its path
for my balcony "Sport"  is too far to the west, i.e. on the other side of my terrace house !
A lot of Money wasted so far.
I now look for a not too expensive good antenna - be it active or passive - allowing bracket mounting on my already installed roof mast.
Wont be easy to find I guess considering that from there to my RX - just a Dongle - Funcube and the like - I need some 20m coax cable.
Here - in case of choosing an active antenna I again face the Problem of inserting a separate Bias T !
The "elegant" solution would be a Passive inmarsat antenna providing good data despite my cable length of 20m.
Do you know or already use such a passive antenna - if so please provide details !
To round it off and increase my bad luck I discover in a distance of some 150 the mast of a mobile phone base station !!

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