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Hi Ralf now decoding 600 on 1545.119 and 1200 on 1545.124.200 with good copy you will need bias t between tv amp and a154 I tried 4.5v and 3.3v no difference so wii run on lower volts 73 Gerry tray and a154 on window sill in flat.

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Hi Ralf Have now got good signals using an ASDA(Walmart) old tv amp 27811hs 88 to 862 mhz 4 db gain at 1545.115 mhz using oven tray and a154 this should be good enough to decode so if you have any old tv (before 4g filters fitted) worth a try 73 Gerry

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Thanks, Gerry !

Re the A154 patch - they simply mislead people - I did not know - before buying and now querying to them

that one can use the A154 only with its own cable - 5m long - and that it does not "tolerate" any extension cable !

Nor did I know that they simply prefer not to test it with the current dongles Airspy, Funcube, RTL SDR V.3 etc.

It seems that the only "right" place to use the A154 is the roof of your car far far away from any interferences !

Inbuilt protection against the most common forms of interferences seems to lack altogether !

Probably much too expensive for this surely made in China crap !

I will return my A154s to them for a refund !



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Hi Roland To be fair to the seller they imply it is weak and needs a dish outdoors I am using my antenna on a double glaze window sill and get over 10 dbs on 1537.100 mhz and 3dbs more on 1545.115 mhs no need for LNA just strait to dongle which has protection diodes removed then short end of 150 micro H to antenna input the long end of choke to any 3.3 v point usuallt on one side of chunky capacitor I also have 10 cm square gap antenna active ebay are out of stock it is about 1 db better than WorldSpace but only covers inmarsat frequencies I have destroyed one trying to remove saw filter so I will leave the good one alone till China send more to ebay .What dongles do you have ? I have e4000 and the other ones be esd static careful on e4000 after removing protection diodes to fit choke I have burnt out two 73 Gerry 

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Thanks - so they sell TRASH !

What is the signal strength OUTDOOR at your end ?

with or without LNA ?

How LONG is your cable - antenna head to your RX ?

Do you really use any of the 2 dongles I am going to have ?




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HI Roland I have got some A154 put on a oven tray indoors and only got 3dbs signal the blurb on web page does say for outdoor use.4.5v is plenty as it is 3v practice for amplifies keep as close to antenna as you can maybe 5cm ant to stop +ve feedback they use very little current and therefore little voltage lose on ant. lead.Hope this helps.I am using a WorldSpace radio antenna with 1472 mhz sawfilter removed and link wire fitted 3-3v to2.8v gives rtcp and 2.2v to 2.5v gives lhcp at 75 ma max it is from a HITACHI KH-WS1 RADIO 70 Brt POUNDS Second hand 7db better than A154 and yuo get 10db by removing saw filter best removed by cutting out using electrisions cutters as a lot of heat required to remove it 73 Gerry  Roland Fechter <fly-fechter@...> wrote:
I am going to receive an Airspy mini dongle and a RTL SDR v.3 with inbuilt Bias T.
I am definitely mostly interested in the L-band and in everything related to aircraft positions.
So I think Baud 1500 messages are of prime interest to me.
Now what I will retain as equipment is the SDR-Kits L-band patch antenna A154 for 1540 MHz band
plus the Nooelec Sawband LNA plus the two dongles mentioned above.
Length of my coax cable is abt. 15m 50% low loss and 50% RG.
I will no longer use my Funcube as I suspect that its  Bias T is defective.
I would like to profit from your experience - addressing me to experts having identical equipment and using it successfully for L-band AERO.
Both my new Dongles have the Bias T function - will the 4.5V they provide be sufficient in my case to power my A154 patch antenna  through my 15m cable ?
And - is it useful to also run the Nooelec sawband LNA ?
If so, where- at which place- to connect it ? Do I place it right behind my dongle/s ? If I do so, can I expect some "sapping" i.e. loss of voltage from the dongle/s
to my A154 patch antenna ? Will my patch antenna still get enough voltage "despite" my sawband LNA ??
I am aware of the fact that I go on asking questions which may make you "shake your head" but this is the only reasonable way for a..beginner to know for sure !
Again thank you for your patience and understanding !
I look forward to your advice.

l-band antenna A154 for g mng

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