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Roland Fechter

I am going to receive an Airspy mini dongle and a RTL SDR v.3 with inbuilt Bias T.
I am definitely mostly interested in the L-band and in everything related to aircraft positions.
So I think Baud 1500 messages are of prime interest to me.
Now what I will retain as equipment is the SDR-Kits L-band patch antenna A154 for 1540 MHz band
plus the Nooelec Sawband LNA plus the two dongles mentioned above.
Length of my coax cable is abt. 15m 50% low loss and 50% RG.
I will no longer use my Funcube as I suspect that its  Bias T is defective.
I would like to profit from your experience - addressing me to experts having identical equipment and using it successfully for L-band AERO.
Both my new Dongles have the Bias T function - will the 4.5V they provide be sufficient in my case to power my A154 patch antenna  through my 15m cable ?
And - is it useful to also run the Nooelec sawband LNA ?
If so, where- at which place- to connect it ? Do I place it right behind my dongle/s ? If I do so, can I expect some "sapping" i.e. loss of voltage from the dongle/s
to my A154 patch antenna ? Will my patch antenna still get enough voltage "despite" my sawband LNA ??
I am aware of the fact that I go on asking questions which may make you "shake your head" but this is the only reasonable way for a..beginner to know for sure !
Again thank you for your patience and understanding !
I look forward to your advice.

l-band antenna A154 for g mng

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