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Paul Gulliver

Hi Chris,

Regarding 1200bps channels on L-Band, on the 3F5 satellite at 54degW I have found 4 containing useful data, a couple of them interest me as they contain transmissions from the USAF C5 Galaxy aircraft, one of the few military aircraft that use 1200bps. In addition I've found six 600bps and three 10500bps channels. Most military traffic confined to the slower bit rate

My findings are the same as Patrick, only the 600 and 1200 bps can be received without a dish (using a patch or small helix) so I usually use a dish for all L-band and C-band reception



On 18/12/2018 at 05:05, Chris van Lint <chrisvanlint@...> wrote:
Hi Patrick,

I do not use VRS, but I note that Pauk has already given you the benefitof his expertise on this software.
Your other comments make perfect sense.  One of the disadvantages ofNOT using a dish is that the antenna is not very directional and issubject to interference from other RF sources.  I live about 2kmaway from a mountain on which all of Brisbane's TV antennas are mountedplus a host of others 5G antennas, microwave links etc.  Theharmonics, sub-harmonics and mix components of these transmissions, whichrun into 100's of kWs some times cause havoc even at times to the C-Bandsignal on the dish.
Your comments underline that it is impossible to make definitivestatements based on ones own experience.  Reception conditions varyfrom satellite to satellite.  I am particularly intrigued by yourcomment that you receive 1200 bps signals.  On 4F1 there is only one1200bps signal (that I can find), but lots of channels on 10500 bps and600bps. 

73, VK4CVLAt 04:04 AM 18/12/2018, you wrote:

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