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Chris van Lint

Hi Patrick,

I do not use VRS, but I note that Pauk has already given you the benefit of his expertise on this software.
Your other comments make perfect sense.  One of the disadvantages of NOT using a dish is that the antenna is not very directional and is subject to interference from other RF sources.  I live about 2km away from a mountain on which all of Brisbane's TV antennas are mounted plus a host of others 5G antennas, microwave links etc.  The harmonics, sub-harmonics and mix components of these transmissions, which run into 100's of kWs some times cause havoc even at times to the C-Band signal on the dish.
Your comments underline that it is impossible to make definitive statements based on ones own experience.  Reception conditions vary from satellite to satellite.  I am particularly intrigued by your comment that you receive 1200 bps signals.  On 4F1 there is only one 1200bps signal (that I can find), but lots of channels on 10500 bps and 600bps. 

73, VK4CVLAt 04:04 AM 18/12/2018, you wrote:

Hello to all,
In my small experience in L band, I could receive 600 and 1200 bauds transmissions with a 60 cm dish (+ helix antenna) or a Patch antenna, but no 10500 bauds transmissions. For theses last ones, I needed a 1 m dish  (+ helix antenna).
With my RTL-SDR V3, the LNA (+ 1500/1550 MHz filter) was indispensable (without it, I had no reception at all).
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