Re: Control in Jaero settings to send plane positions to Virtual Radar

Paul Gulliver

Hi Patrick,

I assume you have VRS setup and working so I'll just describe how to add a feed from Jaero

In Jaero tick the "enable Basestation Format" and choose the address and port, if Jaero and VRS are on the same computer it will be  ( I use ports 30001 to 30009)

In VRS under Tools/options select receivers and add new receiver- in the box that opens give it a unique name (say "jaero-1") , choose format  :Basestation , connection type normal - in the address and port box enter the details as entered in Jaero.

That should be it, go back to the receivers (under tools/options) and select jaero-1 as the web site receiver.

In my case I have several instances of Jaero working each feeding a different port, within VRS I create a merged feed for all the individual feeds and select this merged feed for web site display.

Hope I haven't missed anything



On 17/12/2018 at 20:39, Patrick Lindecker <f6cte@...> wrote:

Hello all,


I would like to send plane positions to Virtual Radar, but I have not found on Internet a clear way on “how to send plane positions”.

So for the ones using Jaero and Virtual Radar (mainly Paul and Chris), could you precise which control (in the settings panel of Jaero) do you tick (notch) to obtain from Jaero that it sends plane positions to Virtual Radar. It will give me an indication. TKS!




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