Re: L-Band and C-Band aero - My setup

Paul Gulliver

Hi Roland

I'm a bit lost on what you're hoping to archive as an end result, I thought you were trying to set up an L band receiver, now you're talking about setting up a LNB for C Band - one word of warning, if you are hoping to receive C-band Aero messages from Alphasat I suspect you will need a much larger dish than 80cm - based on reception in the UK you may need a 1.4 or 1.8m dish

Anyway the 5 volts from your funcube will **not** be any good, depending on what signals you want to receive and what polarisation you want either 12-13volts or around 18Volts (but not in between the 2 values).

I believe most users use a satellite receiver to inject the DC voltage required using the signal pass through to take the signal to the SDR - I had a lot of components about the shack so I just built my own.

Another document you may find interesting  - it's actually a review of the LNB but contains some interesting shots of the set up used.

The output from the LNB is quite high so your LNA probably won't be needed with your run of cable - make sure you use a low loss coax, something like RG6, at theses frequencies a lot of signal can be lost in poor quality coax



On 16/12/2018 at 10:20, Roland Fechter <fly-fechter@...> wrote:

Hello, Paul !

Thank you very much for your kind information !

I am going to get for my 80cm offset dish the Titanium CS1 scalar ring kit and hope to be able to rig it onto the - peculiar - LNB holding arm of my dish.

Now may I ask you another question ?

If I succeed I intend to use as an RX my Funcube prof. plus dongle which produces abt. 5V with its inbuilt Bias T.

Length of my coax cable abt. 15m. My question - will I need an additional - external Bias T - producing a higher voltage sufficient to operate my Titanium CW PLL


I think the latter needs a voltage of between 11 and 20V to run correctly ? Or will the Funcube s Bias T voltage of around 5 V still do ?

If I need another external Bias T for a voltage of between 11 and 20V which one do YOU use and recommend ?

I guess in this case I have to run my Funcube without its Bias T - i.e. deactivating this function ?

Oh - regarding use of my SAWbird LNA filter - is it adviseable to use it, too ?

Thanks in advance,

Have a nice Sunday !




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