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Paul Gulliver


Regarding the signal strength of C-band on Alphasat (4AF1) they are weaker than 3F5 across the pond at 54deg W.
Here in Southern UK I can receive 3F5 without too much trouble but unable to see any signal on 4AF1 despite having a clear line of sight to the satellite. (Using a 1.1m dish)
I was rather disappointed the other day when I tried it.
Talking to others on another group it is recommended to use a 1.8m dish for 4AF1 from the UK
I can't compare signal strength to 3F1 as that was outside of my range.



On 15/12/2018 at 15:26, Patrick Lindecker <f6cte@...> wrote:

Hello Willi,


TKS but  these frequencies are for 4AF1 ?

L band or C band after LNB?

600, 1200 bauds or 10500 bauds?

Which polarization?


Are the signals stronger than before (they were weak)?






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Here are freqs after the migration from 3F1 towards 4AF1:

1539,365  KDDI

1539,375  Morsviazsputnik

1539,385  Telecom Italia

1539,395  Vizada

1539,415  Stratos

1539,435  VSNL

1539,455  Vizada

1539,485  Stratos

1539,495  MCN




Am 12.12.2018 um 14:05 schrieb gerrykuk via Groups.Io:

Hi Herve Thanks for information and photos the freq list is useful when looking at it there was an increase of 6db signal at 1255 hrs utc on all channels 73s Gerry


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