Re: New site to CPDLC

Paul Gulliver


I can't see any information regarding Jaero, the feeding seems to be done via VRS.
Does your site include C-band data or just L-band? - the database seems just to show L band


On 13/12/2018 at 18:26, Dani Glikmanas <dani@...> wrote:
Hello friends
I and a few other Brazilian friends have created a site that receives information decoded by JAERO and that concentrates on a website.
To feed data you have to download and install a simple application and run. Just open JAERO next and you will already be sending the data to the site, which can be consulted
  shortly thereafter.
The at1 and cr1do CPDLC messages are already being decoded. Next step is to include the ADS. Patrick Lindecker is already decoding.
I think it would be interesting if MULTIPSK also fed the site, because in this way, we will have lots of interesting information coming from various sources and satellites.
I remember it's still a prototype!
Website to see decoded messages (still under test)

You will then be migrated to the site
(still in Portuguese)

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