Re: Sat Move IOR to (EMEA) I-4

Paul Gulliver

Hi Steve,

If it's the Aero messaging side of things you're interested in these links might help you

Those links should give you some idea what's required - I would suggest you start with L band first and then if you're interested go on to C band - The C band requires more financial outlay having to purchase a LNB .
Whereas with L band you can get some results (not the best perhaps) without a dish and just a homemade helix or patch antenna



On 13/12/2018 at 15:56, Stephen Ambrose <steveambrose@...> wrote:

Can anyone provide m pleas with links of how to get started receiving these satelites and what to expect to see


Thanks Steve


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Indian Ocean Region (IOR) I-3 to Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) I-4

Classic Aero, Fleet 77, Swift 64 and Inmarsat C services (to include Aero C and Mini C) –  migration successfully completed on 12 December 2018  very good results over last 6 hours Gerry 73s

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