Re: not receiving inmarsat C L-band data #aero


Hi Roland,
I have also purchased an L-Band Receive Antenna A154 for 1540 MHz Band from .
The temporary set-up here ...
Antenna magnetically attached to a metal cooking tray! feeding an RTL-SDR v3 with Bias Tee turned on. Then into my desktop running SDR Console and via VAC into Jaero (sorry Patrick).
My window faces west, but with this set-up indoors looking through a double-glazed window I manage to receive some weak signals at 600 and 1200bps from the satellite (3F5) at 54W which JAERO manages to decode.
Hopefully with a bit more experimentation you'll suddenly have a Eureka! moment and everything will burst into life.
(aviation enthusiast and not an expert of all the intricacies of SDR Console and MultiPSK)

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