not receiving inmarsat C L-band data #aero

Roland Fechter

first thank you very much for all your kind suggestions.
Re bias T use - yes my Funcube has use of bias T ticked - it sends I think 5 V ! - does it really ?
Even when used with a short cable and my English patch antenna - pointed towards SE - my SDRsharp does not detect any signals.
1545 and 1575.4 MHz GPS freq tried.- Sawband of Nooelec added no effect to be seen.
 Dutch RFham design LHCP feed not yet received.
I am afraid it will not be possible for me to attach it and center it correctly on my current 80cm Offset dish.
Alternative would be a small Prime Focus dish of up to 120cm where this feed could fit as it is designed for prime Focus dish use.
Helas - unable to find ANY prime Focus dish at all - if you know supplier kindly pass me its online address.
I resume:
Location of Inmarsat satellite processing L-band data not possible for me at all ! How did YOU succeed ?
Which antenna did YOU use ?
For Funcube users ;
Settings for activating Bias T  ?
I look forward to your comments.

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