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Tomasz Lemiech

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 7:19 PM Patrick Lindecker <f6cte@...> wrote:

Hello to C–band AERO SWL ,


Thanks to the Paul’s file, I’ve been able to decode the AERO 1200 bauds transmissions not too bad. However I have now messages H1, B6… which are ADS-C reports (giving altitude, latitude, longitude, and others data). For example:  J79ATS0281/YQXE2YA.ADS.C-GGTS072241178758C94710381D0C5130F2E31820101FA9DE4E0D22D837555549470BA222D8371C71C947007650

Which means:

ADS-C message:
 Basic report:
  Lat: 48.1698990
  Lon: -21.2085915
  Alt: 38000 ft
  Time: 1038.000 sec past hour (:17:18.000)
  Position accuracy: <0.25 nm
  NAV unit redundancy: OK
 Flight ID data:
  Flight ID: TSC281
 Meteo data:
  Wind speed: 31.5 kt
  True wind direction: 234.8 deg
  Temperature: -54.25 C
 Predicted route:
  Next waypoint:
   Lat: 49.0000534
   Lon: -30.0000572
   Alt: 38000 ft
   ETA: 2978 sec
  Next+1 waypoint:
   Lat: 49.0000534
   Lon: -40.0000191
   Alt: 38000 ft


The problem is that I have not been able to fetch the “ARINC 745-2” document (which describes ADS-C reports) on the Net nor any details about the way ADS-C reports are formed. So the interest is nil if the plane position cannot be deduced.


Perhaps someone knows a way to get these specifications…

Currently at pre-release stage. Will become a stable version 1.0.0 next week or so.

Tomasz Lemiech

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