Re: L-band receive antenna A154 for 1540 MHz band #Beginner

Paul Gulliver

Looking at the web site it says it's a patch antenna, it will have to be pointed in the approx direction of the satellite.
I'm not sure how well it will perform if placed in front of a dish, a dish reverse the polarity of the signal, say from right hand to left hand polarisation so that will incur losses.
I found the helix I mentioned earlier gives better performance that a patch - at least my homemade patch, but it's always worth a try


On 29/11/2018 at 13:54, Roland Fechter <fly-fechter@...> wrote:
I just ordered the above mentioned antenna from SDR-Kits, England.
I still wander if it is a patch antenna or something else. Could you enlight me, please ?
Is this antenna already successfully used by Group members ?
Can I put it up somewhere on my mainly south facing balcony using an empty dish stand ?
I guess the A154 is omnidirectional or must it be pointed in a certain direction to
obtain good data ?
I also have a 80cm dish with a LNB for the C-band. I will replace my present Fuji C-band SS1 T20
with a top-end one and also use a NOO LNA tailor made for the L-band. My RX is a Funcube prof plus dongle.
Is it useful to attach the A154 somehow onto  the LNB arm near the LNB such that it points towards the dish centre ?
Any details available ? 
I look forward to your advice. Thanks in advance for it.

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