Re: inmarsat Acars L-band antenna #Beginner

Paul Gulliver

Hi Roland,
 I very much doubt if an antenna designed for 2.4GHz would be suitable for L band Acars (1.5GHz).
I know you say you are void of any special knowledge for building antenna but they really are easy so why not have a go.
here is a basic design for a suitable helix but take note the helix must be wound in the opposite direction to the article if you are using it without a dish

Another point is, L band acars is sent in two modes 10500 bit per second and 1200 bits per second, without a dish you will probably only be able to receive the 1200 bps mode - that was certainly my case when I was receiving data from the Alphasat satellite.



On 28/11/2018 at 14:19, <fly-fechter@...> wrote:

i just found online a circular pol Helix  antenna plus an omnidirectional 2.4 GB WLAN antenna.
Both are described as WLAN antennas.
Can these be used also for receiving L-band wacars, please ?
If so, I intend to use with them also a suitable LNA as my coax cable is abt. 20m Long,
my rx is the funcube pro plus dongle.
Kindly advise - thank you very much in advance.
As I am utterly clumsy and void of any special knowledge I have to use a suitable ready-made antenna,
patch or dish etc. I would appreciate very much your respective recommendations !
Regards to you all.


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