This is a closed group for contact among contributors to the Multics operating system, including former users.

Appropriate topics for posting:
- History of Multics and related systems.
- Where are they now, personal doings, gossip.
- Mutual assistance, e.g. job searches, resumes.
- Preservation of Multics artifacts, stories, information.

Not appropriate for posting:
- Promotion of commercial products unrelated to Multics. (e.g. posters and t-shirts, OK)
- Flaming, characterization of others, rudeness.

Please respect the privacy of group members: do not misuse their mail addresses or quote their messages without permission.

Although this is intended to be a private forum, information posted here might become public by mistake, so some caution is recommended. Indicate (web OK) or (no web) to tell the website editor if your contribution can be added to Mail addresses updated here will be reflected to the Multicians database behind the web page unless you request otherwise.

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