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Bruce Supernaugh

You bet!

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´╗┐Hi Bruce and All,

-- Bruce said
-- I think it would be great once things get better after Covid that the group
-- could go up to the UFO Park in Sheffield, MA for a skywatch.
-- The park has been mentioned on Ancient Aliens and on Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix.
-- I have been there a couple of times, it's a beautiful park and to go to a famous place where
-- there was a sighting is very cool.

Steven Greer's CSETI group employs an 'invitation' protocol, to invite ET object interactions with groups of people. The protocol is known as 'Coherent Thought Sequencing' or "CTS". Basically all one does is to get everyone in the group to repeatedly chant, something akin to, "Please visit with us, we won't hurt you please don't hurt us", etc. It is a rudimentary form of group telepathy. As telepathy, unlike radio waves, is not range-power-limited by the inverse square of the distance physics law, get enough minds working together generates a strong telepathic message, which ET and-or their mecha can apparently detect.

Something to consider. This method has also been successfully employed to attract luminous-orbs...cantalope size glowing spheres, by me.

walt - KM6OYH

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