Re: Sar2593 = small impactor

Bill J. Gray

Hello all,

Some data came in from (G02) in Slovakia, giving us some nice parallax relative to the initial data from (K88) in Hungary, and confirming it's for-real. Map of impact location :

about a hundred km south-southwest of Jan Mayen land, which I think has a small research station on it.

You can go to

enter object name Sar2593, set desired ephemeris info, and get accurate ephemerides.

Obligatory disclaimer : this thing is maybe a meter or two across. The folks on Jan Mayen will get to see a nice flash on their horizon. Other than that, it's similar to the other three impactors we've tracked before impact in 2008, 2014, and 2018 : mostly harmless.

-- Bill

On 3/11/22 15:46, Bill Gray wrote:
Hello all,
   I strongly urge European observers to take a look for this object, currently on NEOCP.  It should come in at 21:23 UTC at latitude +70.47, longitude W 10.40,  plus or minus a few dozen km.  That's about forty minutes from "right now",  a bit north of Iceland.
   MPC ephemerides don't include earth's gravity and are about 10' north of the actual position right now.  Find_Orb,  unfortunately, defaults to an epoch after the impact.
   Load up the astrometry in Find_Orb,  hit 'e',  and enter 11.5 (to set the epoch back half a day,  before impact).  Then hit 'f',  and you'll have the correct orbit and can generate ephemerides.
   Good luck!
-- Bill

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