Unwanted blank bar at end of piece #printing #bar-lines #score-structure

Richard Mills

I've got a problem with the attached score.  The piece in 4/4 starts with a crotchet anacrusis and so ends on the third beat of the final bar.  As is typical of folk tunes it consists of two 8-bar sections each repeated, with the repeat occuring after the third beat of Bar 8.

No matter what I try, when I print I get and extra system with the orphaned last bar line on it as you can see from the attached pdf.  I've tried score truncation and suppress end to no avail.

I have not had this problem before - a previous iteration of the score created several years ago prints OK.  It does not show a final bar line or truncatio  symbol after the final closing repeat bar line.  I am attaching the mz file and pdf of this version too.

The current file was created by setting up a new score structure from scratch before copying and pasting in the melody from the old score, then adding the chords and second part.
I'm sure the heat is addling my brain but I'm at a loss to find what's different and so discover a fix for this behaviour.


Hi Richard,

The problem is the extra quarter bar after the 'extra' barline.  If you get rid of this, I think all is well.  I'm attaching a revised effort in which I think I've fixed it.   So much for the good news.

The bad news comes in various instalments.

a) I'm out of the office with, as it turns out, very iffy broadband, so communication may or may not work.
b) I have no access to a printer - but print preview looks Ok
c) It isn't as easy as it should be to get there.

The only way I've managed it is to delete the entire final bar, and then re-enter it *very* carefully.

Three crotchets and then the final extra bar.  Then the other parts being *very* careful not to enter anything after the final extra bar.  Then the repeat dots and a hard line break, still being very careful not to add anything after the final extra bar.

Note to self:  I must make it easier to get rid of the unwanted stuff after the extra bar.

Anyway, hope this helps for now, as I can only get the site off and on at the moment.