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David Webber BSc PhD FInstP (b. 1950) is a mathematical physicist by profession, but learned the clarinet at school in the 1960s.   At that time he also got to love Mozart (especially his clarinet works) and Jazz.   For a number of years after school there wasn't much in the way of opportunities to play, but one day in 1977 his cousin came round and said "How'd you like to play in a band?".   "I haven't played in 8 years!"   "That's about the standard we're all at."  So that was that.  And wife Margaret soon took up the clarinet - if you can't beat 'em join 'em.   It was a motley but enthusiastic group in need of appropriate arrangements.   So why not give it a try?   There was a lot of trial, and a lot of error (the only way to learn!) but quite a few arrangements eventually worked quite well.
By the mid 1980s, a number of band members were still not entirely happy with his (immaculate) musical hand writing, but a search for software was unsuccessful.   "But hey, I write computer programs as part of my job - how hard can it be?   Six months of evenings should easily be enough."  It was ready by 1994 (OK, you do the maths) for Windows 3.1.  Lots of friends wanted it, and another pointed out that there was this new-fangled thing called "the internet" where it might be sold from places called "bulletin boards".   David bought a modem (expensive in those days), named the program "Mozart" (in honour of that composer's pioneering clarinet works, and because heroes "Simeon", "Dodds", "Bigard", or "Bailey" might be too obscure for many), and it was available from November 1994.   Band arrangements started tripping off the dot-matrix printer.  Over 3 decades since the program's conception, he's still developing it - see http://www.mozart.co.uk 
Meanwhile David had taken up the saxophone and has since played alto and soprano saxes and clarinet in assorted groups:  "the North Cheshire Concert Band" (now renamed "the North Cheshire Wind Orchestra"),  "the Sax Section" (a saxophone sextet), and currently "Dr Jazz and the Cheshire Cats" (a big band), and "the Sovereign Saxophone Octet".