Recent #updates


Hi everyone,

Recent Moy updates are below.


  • All 'reader' templates now support comments.


  • Plugin v1.4.0 is available. It includes new engine changes (see below). Make sure the plugin is updated, as some parsers already use new features.


  • Cosmetic changes


  • Parsers now support redirects. It means the parser creators may specify an alternative data source instead of the original page. To make things simple (and more secure), arbitrary redirects are not allowed. For now, only query parameters (the stuff in URL after ?) can be modified. The details are here.
  • attribute key can now be used as a top-level rule key, even without a match block. In this case, it parses the specified attribute of the parent node.
  • Parsers now can change tokens they parsed from the source. The details are here.

-- Best regards, Moy.Design