Plugin v2.1.0 #updates


Hi everyone,

Plugin version 2.1.0 is ready.


  • The Welcome page is added. It is shown to new users the first time they install the plugin (and will be shown one time for existing users, once they upgrade the plugin to 2.1.0). It provides a list of URL to test the plugin on.
  • Also, some advanced stuff is added to the plugin. It probably is not interesting to most users, but vital to users who want to control the plugin better, including making their own looks:
    • The Advanced sub-menu is added to the pop-up. You can open the plugin's settings via it, as well as the parser and the template used to render the current page (if any).
    • The Settings page is added. There, you can specify GitHub account to take looks from. The default value is MoyDesign. If you want to play with parsers and templates, you can fork MoyData and specify your GitHub account there.

Best regards,