Plugin 2.0, major changes #updates


Hi everyone,

Major changes today: plugin v2.0 arrives.

Changes to users

  • Reworked plugin pop-up. It's now simpler and (hopefully) nicer looking. It's also mobile-friendly.
  • No need to have an account on anymore. The plugin doesn't rely on the site now.
    • The site became out-of-date. It'll be updated soon.
  • As a result, some of your settings may be lost. By default, the plugin uses Gray template. So, you'll need to change it for your favorite.
  • The plugin now renders known pages by default. To return certain pages their original look, click 'Original look' in the pop-up.
  • The 'Share link' feature is temporarily gone. It'll be restored in a future release.

Internal changes

Parsers and templates

Also, some changes to parsers and templates:

  • Better support of comments in all 'reader' templates, graceful display of hidden (folded) comments
  • Better comment support in the Livejournal article parser

Best regards,